2-Pc. Caliber Specific Set

2-Pc. Caliber Specific Set
$ 8.49

If you already own the Gungenics cleaning system you can purchase an adapter set for other calibers. These kits contain the same high quality brush and jag as found in the complete kit. All adapters are color coded by caliber and come with the same Gungenics limited lifetime warranty.

Bore Brush for the following caliber hand guns:

  • .380 / .357 .38/9 mm
  • .40 / .41 10 mm
  • .44 / .45


  • Bore Brush
  • Improved Jag

Cleaning adapters insert and lock. No threading required! Limited Lifetime Warranty*

Made in USA

Gungenics has a limited lifetime warranty on all parts except brushes. If you have any problems with parts other than brushes please email info@gungenics.com telling us what product you wish to return and the problem you experienced. We will send you instructions on how to process your return. Replacement parts will be shipped out as soon as the defective part is received. Products ship via USPS First Class mail.